Lawn Chair Repair

Lawn chair is mostly used during the summer. Lawn chairs are basically built to adapt with the outer weather conditions. As we know, nothing lasts forever. Over time, lawn chairs are more likely to show the symptoms of wear and tear. Lawn chairs may not be any more durable if you stop taking care of it. It requires regular maintenance and timely care.

Whether your lawn chair is damaged by the extreme weather conditions or it is just worn out, you can reach out to us for any lawn chair repair services. Call (520) 884-7454 or get in touch with us here.

Lawn Chair Repair Services

We provide a wide range of lawn chair repair services. Our years of experience can treat your chair right by fixing all the problems. We provide structural repairs, as well as chair customization for various purposes. We can repair any broken or damaged chair piece and customize it according to your requirements.

Whether you choose to have your chair repaired on site or at our facility, we are dedicated to providing quality repairs to ensure your complete satisfaction. For any repairs that are carried at our facility, we assure you a safe delivery once the repair task is completed.

Fixing the Frame

We check for all connections to find the missing screws and replace any missing screws. We also fix any broken metal frame and repair any missing or broken spacer. If your lawn chair is in need of any kind of frame problem, request your free quote to fix it!

Webbing Repair

We all love sitting outside and enjoy the cool summer breeze. But a frayed and sagging lawn chair ruins the picture. Whether your lawn chair is made from nylon, vinyl, or any other material, sooner or later the webbing breaks down due to exposure to the sunlight and day-to-day wear. We will remove all the damaged webbing of your lawn chair and replace it with a new one. Breathe life into your lawn chairs with our webbing repair services for lawn chairs.

Paint Scratches

Lawn chair discolors with the passage of time. We can bring back the new look that your chairs acquired before. We can coat your lawn chair to make your old faded, chipped and scratched furniture look like new again. We can coat or re-paint the chairs, if necessary to give it a refined look.

Call (520) 884-7454 or request your free quote today!

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