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Patio chairs are built with materials that are solely customized to survive in extreme weather conditions. It basically includes harsh UV rays, freezing cold, temperature fluctuations and rain. But over time, the materials can become damaged. We at Chair Doctor provide patio chair repair service to revive your chair back to life. With over decades of experience, we can fix any type of patio chairs. We provide patio chair repair in Tucson, AZ.

Our Patio Chair Repair Services

We noticed that most people, who buy new furniture, don’t really need them. All they need is someone to fix their broken chair leg, or re-tie some coil springs, or switch out their sofa's legs, or install new patio slings, or re-web a patio chair. We are dedicated to offering all types of patio chair repair services. Call us at (520) 884-7454 today for any repair services.

Slings Repair

Patio chairs are designed to be durable and withstand the elements. Over time, due to extreme weather conditions, the mesh wears out. Patio chair slings stretches or tears to the point it is no longer comfortable. It could possibly become unusable. We can replace the slings and render the chair back to life so you don’t have to replace the chair. If your patio chair is facing any sling related problems, call us at (520) 884-7454

Vinyl Strapping Repair

The vinyl strapping on patio chairs eventually fade, crack, and break over time. Although the straps are fairly sturdy, patio chairs are vulnerable to crack and break after years of exposure to the extreme weather conditions.

With over 50 different strap colors to choose from, including textured vinyl straps, we can blend the color perfectly with your outdoor patio furniture. Whether your furniture is single strapping or double weave strapping we can make your furniture look like new again. We will increase its durability, giving it a more modern appearance.

Patio Fabric

Keep cushions, pillows and other fabrics looking clean and smelling fresh. Fabric colors can fade over time. Fabric needs to be regularly washed and checked to ensure its durability. As a part of our patio chair repair service, we can replace any fabrics and provide your chair with a new and healthy look. We will also advise you on different ways to maintain the chair patio fabrics. We can enhance your outdoor looks by matching the right colors, patterns with its durability.

Powder Coating

All furniture requires proper care and maintenance. Patio chair can lose its vitality when left un-cared. Patio chair can bear the exposure to extreme weather conditions up to an extent. It loses its color from continuous exposure to the sun. You need a coating that will hold up and give you years of beauty. We can coat your patio chair to make your old faded, chipped and scratched furniture look like new again.

Get in touch with us to know more about our Patio chair repair & restoration services in Tucson, AZ.

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