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Furniture Repair and Restoration Services in Tucson


We undertake repair and restoration of all different types of chair ranges including rocking chairs, hanging bubble chairs, modern bubble chairs, ball chairs, sofa chairs etc. in addition to beds and tables. Chair doctor has solutions and fixes for every type of furniture repair and restoration needs. We provide acclaimed antique repairs service in Tucson.


Chair Doctor has helped a lot of chair owners see their old, broken and antique chairs come back to life by infusing excellence, superiority and value in the services we impart. We have been providing restoration and repair service in Tucson for several years and are established as a trusted and reliable company. We undertake all forms of restoration work from cleaning and maintaining the look and quality of the furniture to its complete remodeling.

Replace Missing Parts

Chair Doctors provide missing parts replacement service that ensures your furniture is restored to its original condition. We carry an inventory of spare parts for all makes and kinds of furniture. We ensure use of genuine parts to deliver utmost satisfaction from our restoration services. We specialize in maintaining the essence of your antiques by carrying out thorough research into its origin before commencing with repair process.


This is a quick and easy solution to fix wobbly furniture or minor defects. Our experts take a professional approach to fix your chairs taking into consideration even the smallest of details from application of glue to sanding the surfaces of woodwork products.


We take care of re-caning your chairs if they are broken or damaged. A reliable and quick fix for replacing cane chair seats is using pre-woven canes. This process serves reliable for most chair seats and backs that already have grooves in the frames. We also fulfill the hand-woven process if required by the design of your chair. We adopt best tools and procedures to ensure your chair gets the best restoration and repair possible.


The re-touching of paint in chairs and furniture, especially antiques, require artistic talent and significant attention to detail. Our work delivers a perfect finish for your assets ensuring they provide you long lasting comfort and sense of highly prized belonging.

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